1. Jamie

    Emma was the greatest napping beauty and I remember us cooking eggs on the morning and feeding her cereal. Such a great kid (I didn’t nanny for Soph). Pip sounds perfect. I’ve got a friend that has a newly one year old and she did all kinds of cool stuff when introducing foods and her babe wasn’t fond of cereal. I love the progression and cant believe how time has passed!

    • Emma was a dream, wasn’t she, Jamie? I’m glad she was my first; she welcomed me into motherhood with ease. Sophie, on the other hand…

  2. I have so many feels from this post.

    First, I clearly enjoy leaving babies on my kitchen counter. Why haven’t we photographed Pip in that same spot? I know she’s hung out there many times already.

    Second, my babies did sleep like champion nappers. Where’s my Mom of the Year medal?

    Third, Mom must have fed me carrots at a young age because my nose is as red as my hair in that picture.

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